D26 Spending on Professional Associations and Organizations

Chris Jenner, November 19, 2007


Budget - 10-2210-30 - Ed Fund, Support Services - Instructional Staff, Improvement of Instruction Services, Purchased Services -- FY08 budget = $80,619.


Administrator contract boilerplate language: “Subject to prior approval of the Superintendent, The <administrator> shall be reimbursed for dues and membership fees to professional organizations in an amount established by the Board.” (Doesn’t say anything about attending conferences)


Nothing in the CEA negotiated agreement about professional organizations. (?)




  1. D26 expenditures on professional associations and organizations

-        FY08 YTD (through November) – $9,030 (at least 18 different associations and organizations)

-        FY07 – TDT (Tough to Determine)

-        FY06 – TDT


  1. List of associations and organizations and web sites. Note how many have legislative agendas and are involved in lobbying.


  1. Illinois Association of School Business Officials Legislative Priorities for 2006 - 2007 Some highlights:

-        Move certain levies outside the tax cap

-        Building on HB/SB750 -- guaranteed income and sales tax hikes, unguaranteed property tax abatements

-        Nothing about results, spending control, high quality, or exit criteria (when something starts being funded, are there any conditions under which funding would stop?)


  1.  Minutes from 3/14/07 IASBO Delegate Advisory Assembly meeting

-        Item 2 – motion made to take property tax relief out of school funding solution white paper.


  1. Illinois School Psychologists Association Mission Statement and 2007-8 Goals

-        Note II.A and III.D.


  1. Illinois Association of School Social Workers – First two pages of Legislative section of web site


  1. Illinois Association of School Nurses – Services, note Legislative section


  1. Illinois Association of School Administrators Position Statements – While the non-finance positions (sections 6 – 11) in general seem somewhat reasonable, the positions on finance (sections 2 – 5) are an all out assault on taxpayers.


  1. Illinois Chapter, National School Public Relations Association Mission and Goals

-        Mission includes, “…improve education for students through responsible public relations.” I’m not sure which of the goals supports this part of the mission.




Like IASB, this is not just about the money. It’s about the direction these groups are taking education, and what they are doing (or not doing) to provide an efficient and high quality education for all children.


In general, these associations and organizations focus on

-         Funding

-         Protection and expansion of the status quo

-         Public relations / image

-         Networking, improving the profession


There is little focus on

-         Effective, efficient spending

-         Results

-         Innovation

-         Transmission of knowledge to K-12 students, i.e. education


Recommendation: Request that the board consider directing the Policy Committee to research and make a recommendation back to the board regarding a policy on professional association / organization expenditures.